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Directions: There are three passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Passage 1
Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage.

(76) Some people argue that the pressure on international sportsmen and sportswom-en kills the essence of sport-the pursuit of personal excellence. Children kick a football around for fun. When they get older and play for local school teams, they become competi-tive but they still enjoy playing. The individual representing his country cannot afford to think about enjoying himself, and he has to think only about winning. He is responsible for an entire nation's hopes, dreams and reputation.
A good example is the football World Cup. Football is the world's most important sport. Winning the World Cup is perhaps the summit of international sporting success. Mention "Argentina" to someone, and the chances are that he'll think of football. In a sense, winning the World Cup "put Argentina on the map."
Sports fans and supporters get quite irrational about the World Cup. People in Eng-land felt that their country was somehow important after they won in 1966. Last year thousands of Scots sold their cars, and even their houses, and spent all their money travel-ing to Argentina, where the finals were played.
So, am I arguing that international competition kills the idea of sport? Certainly not!(77) Do the Argentinian really believe that because eleven of their men proved the most skilful at football, their nation is in every way better than all others? Not really. But it's nice to know that you won and that in one way at least your country is the best.


What is the author's main purpose in the passage?

A To prove that football is the world's most important sport.

B To show that Argentina is better than all others.

C To compare Scotland with Argentina.

D To explain the role of sport.



此题考查的是考生对文章总体观点的认识。Football is the world's most important sport是第二段中的原话,这只是文章中普通的一句话,并不代表作者的观点,因此A项认为本文的目的是去证明这句话显然是错误的。Do the Argentinian really believe that because eleven of their men proved the most skilful at footballtheir nation is in every way better than all others? Not really.仅仅因为阿根廷足球队的11名队员证明了他们是在足球领域技艺最高超的,阿根廷的人们就认为阿根廷在各个方面都是世界上最好的吗?不是这样的。从以上这句话可以看出B项也是错误的。文章中根本没有拿阿根廷和苏格兰做比较,C项显然不对。因此本题应该选择D


In the second paragraph, the word "summit" means ______.

A highest point

B mountain top

C award

D summary



本题考查的是对词义的猜测。Winning the World Cup is perhaps the summit of international sporting success.假如这句话我们只认识前半句,即赢得世界杯是……”。很显然赢得世界杯就是赢得冠军.也就是站到了足球领域的最高点,因此sum-mit的意思是A项。


According to the passage, Argentina is world-famous because of its ______.

A large number of sports fans and supporters

B success in the football World Cup

C obvious position on the map

D excellence at most important sports



本题其实考查的是对winning the World Cup“put Argentina on the map”这句话的理解,把阿根廷放到地图上其实就是说让全世界的人都知道阿根廷,而获得世界杯是让阿根廷知名度提升的原因。理解了这句话,这道题的答案B也就不说自明了。


According to the passage, if a sportsman only thinks about winning, he will ______.

A fail to succeed

B be successful

C lose enjoyment

D be irrational



这道题考查的是对第一段中这句话的理解:The individual represen-ting his country cannot afford to think about enjoying himselfand he has to think only about winning.代表国家参加比赛的个人根本无法考虑从比赛中得到乐趣,他们不得不考虑如何去获得胜利。所以说只想着去获得胜利的人是得不到体育本身的乐趣的。因此本题应该选择C


What is the author's attitude towards international games?

A Nations that meet on a football field are unlikely to meet on a battlefield.

B Nations that win the football World Cup are regarded as the best in all aspects.

C Nations that win in international games prove the best on the sports field at least.

D Nations that give much attention to international competitions are world-famous in many ways.



本题是考查作者观点的题目。想做对此题,应该找到最后一段中的这句话:But it's nice to know that you won and that in one way at least your country is the best.但是,知道你的国家获胜是很令人高兴的一件事情,这表明至少在一个领域中你的国家是最好的。在四个选项里面只有C项和这句话相符。因此应该选择C

Passage 2
Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage.

If you smoke-particularly cigarettes-you are far more likely than a non-smoker to suffer or die from several major diseases-notably lung cancer.
One smoker in four dies prematurely (
过早的) because of his smoking. The risk of dy-ing for a heavy smoker (between the ages of 35 and 55) is roughly equal to the risk run by a non-smoker 10 years older.
Cigarette smoking-and to a lesser degree pipe and cigar smoking--may aggravate (
使恶化) or be partly responsible for the development of a wide variety of other diseases, which include cancers of the mouth and throat, peptic ulcers (胃溃疡), and loss of teeth.
(78) Women who smoke during pregnancy produce babies on average about 5 to 8 ounces lighter than those who don't.
Take lung cancer for example.
Britain's lung cancer figures are the highest in the world, and still rising. Ninety peo-ple die every day, 33,000 in 1969. Almost all these deaths can be attributed directly to to-bacco smoking. (79) The prospects of a cure for lung cancer are, at present, remote, and it is impossible to estimate when, if ever, someone will find one. You would be foolish to rely on someone finding a cure before you needed it.
One man in eight who die between the ages of 35 and 64 is killed by lung cancer. The figures for women in this age group are lower, about 1 in 20. This is partly because women smoke less, and have not smoked as long. But the figures are still very high.


According to the passage, lung cancer______.

A is the major cause of death between the ages of 35 and 55

B is most often caused by smoking

C never affects non-smokers

D has nothing to do with smoking



倒数第二段中给出证据:Almost all these deaths can be attributed di-rectly to tobacco smoking


Women who smoke during pregnancy produce______.

A lighter babies than those who don't

B heavier babies than those who don't

C babies who can't live long

D babies who suffer from heart diseases





The cure for lung cancer______.

A can be found before long

B is available if one needs it

C is unknown at present

D will be found before you need it



倒数第二段最后一句,应该注意选项Abefore long的意思是不久以后,和原文意思相反。


The passage suggests that women______.

A smoke as much as men

B react better than men to smoking

C are affected by smoking only during pregnancy

D run the same risks as men if they smoke





What is the main idea of the passage?

A Man-smokers live shorter than woman-smokers.

B All the deaths in Britain result directly from tobacco smoking.

C Smoking is the main killer of babies.

D Smoking can give rise to several major diseases.




Passage 3
Questions 11 to 15 are based on the following passage.

Do you find getting up in the morning so difficult that it's painful? This might be called laziness, but Dr. Kleitman has a new explanation. He has proved everyone has a daily energy cycle.
During the hours when you labor through your work you may say that you're "hot. "That's true. The time of day when you feel most energetic is when your cycle of body tem-perature is at its peak (
顶峰). For some people, the peak comes during the forenoon. For others it comes in the afternoon or evening. No one has discovered why this is so, but it leads to such familiar monologues (自言自语) as: "Get up, John. You'll be late for work again. " The possible explanation to the trouble is that John is at his temperature-an-ener-gy peak in the evening. (80) Much family quarrelling ends when husbands and wives real-ize what these energy cycles mean and which cycle each member of the family has.
You can't change your energy cycle, but you can learn to make your life fit it better. Dr. Kleitman believes that habit can help. Maybe you're sleepy in the evening but feel you must stay up late anyway. Counteract (
对抗) your cycle to some extent by habitually stay-ing up later than you want. If your energy is low in the morning but you have an important job to do early in the day, rise before your usual hour. This won't change your cycle, but you'll get up steam (振作精神) and work better at your low point.
Get off to a slow start which saves your energy. Get up with a leisurely yawn (
打哈欠) and stretch. Sit on the edge of the bed a minute before putting your feet on the floor. Avoid the troublesome search for clean clothes by laying them out the night before. When-ever possible, do routine work in the afternoon and save tasks requiring more energy or concentration for your sharper hours.


According to the writer, if a person finds getting up early a problem, most proba-bly ______.

A he refuses to follow his own energy cycle

B he is a lazy person

C he is not sure when his energy is low

D he is at his peak in the afternoon or evening





Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A Man's energy cycle can be changed easily.

B Some family quarrels are caused by unawareness of energy cycle.

C Getting up early in the morning is not easy.

D Everyone has a daily energy cycle but a lazy on



由第二段最后一句Much family quarrelling ends when husbands and wives realize what these energy cycles mean and which cycle each member of the family has可知,在很多家庭里,当丈夫和妻子意识到生物钟在生活中所起的作用时,就会停止争吵。


If one wants to work more efficiently at his low point in the morning, he should______.

A change his own energy cycle

B go to bed earlier

C get up earlier than usual

D overcome his laziness



由第三段If your energy is low in the morning but you have an impor-tant job to do early in the dayrise before your usual hour可知,如果你在早晨容易精神不振,而恰好又在此时有重要的工作,那么就要起得比往常早些,故选C


You are advised to rise with a yawn and stretch because it will ______.

A help you to keep your energy for the day's work

B help you to control your temper early in the day

C enable you to concentrate on your routine work

D keep your energy cycle under control all day



由第四段Get off to a slow start which saves your energyGet up with a leisurely yawn(打哈欠)and stretch可知,起床慢一些会帮助你节省精力,故选15. 

Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A Getting off to work with a minimum effort helps save one's energy.

B Dr. Kleitman doesn't explain why people reach their peaks at different hours of the day.

C Habit helps one adapt to his own energy cycle.

D Children have energy cycles, too.






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